Speak only

You know the grammar. This app is a first of its kind spoken English app which all focus is to make you speak with fun.

1000 Words

That's all you need to know to speak daily life English. You know all of them but...

Think in English

Many of us know all the words but can't form sentences or try to translate mentally from our native language. That's wrong. Forget that.

How it works?

App is for people (any age group ) who can understand English, but can't speak well.


Test your pronunciation

You would be surprised to know that you have been speaking many words of English wrong all your life.


Daily life conversations

Starting from your introduction to meeting with a friend at a movie theatre, to attend an interview. We have covered all your spoken English needs.


Instant result

Check your English speaking skill improvements instantly.


Form sentences

Practice daily life spoken English sentences, with super-rich visuals, with your digital friend and that sentence will be yours forever.


Rich visuals

All English conversations are with super-rich visuals. You will feel like you are watching a movie but those dialogs will last in your memory forever.


Progress tracking

Track your daily progress and prepare a revision plan.



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